The Road to the OCRWC 2016

ocr-usa-competitor-logoIn 20 days I will be embarking on an adventure that I could have never dreamed of doing a few years ago. I will be representing the USA at the 3rd OCRWC (Obstacle Course Racing World Championship) in Ontario Canada. USA will be one of thirty five countries represented and this is no ordinary race, this is a race where athletes from all over the world will be competing against each other in various divisions. While I did qualify for the PRO wave by placing 5th female overall at the NY Warrior Dash, I have decided to represent my age group (40-44) for which I have qualified this year in 5 of my 6 2016 Spartan Races (one of those Spartan races was done as a team).

jersey-imageThis race will be one where there is not penalty for not completing or failing an obstacle it is mandatory obstacle completion if you want to remain in the competition. If you give up trying to successfully complete it for whatever reason, there are no burpees or penalties and then you move on, you remove your band and you are no longer a competitor but you can still finish the race…that is as long as you meet the time cut-offs that are set which is 5 hours for 9 miles (15K). Athletes will have to check in at least 24 hours prior to the start of the race for briefing on rules and there will be random drug/substance testing performed. I will be wearing my custom team USA jersey and hoping to make everyone that has supported me proud!

As I look back to where I was just 5 years ago, a girl that could barely run a 5K in under 45 minutes or was petrified to even attempt a Warrior Dash, I am pretty proud of how far I have come. It has not come easy for me at all. I am not a natural athlete and have had my share of ripped hands, cracked ribs, tendinitis, knee issues, bruises, etc. but I haven’t given up. The failures have fueled me. They have driven me to not only successfully complete many obstacles I once couldn’t, but how to effectively break it down to train others how to do so as well. When you want to succeed at something, you put your heart and soul into it and while sometimes you fall short and you are crushed, sometimes you would be pleasantly surprised what you are capable of!


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