The End of 40…Bring on 41!

CaptureToday is my last day of 40 so I decided to take a look back at the past year and assess how I feel and who I am at this point in my life, no worries I will spare some of the boring details. When I turned 40 last year, it was a significant milestone and I had the opportunity to celebrate it with some very special people in my life, most of which only came into my life a few short years ago. It was a bit of a reality for me, that some of the people I cared for and have done so much for didn’t do anything other than your typical Facebook “happy birthday” post but what can you do, people are who they are.  This year became a year of forgiveness, a year of maturity, a year of personal growth and achievement, and a year of letting some things go.

I learned that holding hate in your heart only hurts you, not the people that wronged you.  I learned that how you see yourself is never how others see you. I learned that no matter what you do for some people, it will never be enough. And sadly I learned that you can never truly be happy unless you accept yourself for who YOU are. I learned to be proud of my accomplishments, but have tried to remain humble. I learned to pick and choose my battles carefully and I learned that sometimes quitting is ok because sometimes it is about loving yourself enough to finally let go of what isn’t good for you anymore.

This may sound like a negative post, but I assure you it is quite the opposite. While still a learning process, I have begun to let the negativity and resentment go. I have haters and people that don’t like me because of my successes however, that is a reflection of them and not me. I am more confident in my abilities now than ever. I have been blessed to help transform lives into healthier ones and help people achieve goals they never dreamed they could.  I am fortunate to be a part of so many lives as they go through their fitness journey. And most of all, I am so honored when someone tells me that I have inspired them.

As far as goals, I made fitness my full time job and have achieved several fitness certifications over the past year. I have trained hard and seen so much improvement and am now in the best physical shape of my life.  While I have not “won” any races, to me the improvements I have made over the past few years and my constant focus on pushing myself out of my comfort zone have me feeling like a winner. Each year I have set some pretty big goals for myself and this year was no different and the next year will push me harder and farther past my comfort zone than ever before.

To all of my supporters, THANK YOU!!! You have no idea how many of you inspire me every day. And to all of my haters, well sit back and watch because I have so much more for you to be mad at…

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