Putting My Endurance Training to the Test

This weekend I put my physical endurance to the test and I am pleased with how my body held up overall and showed me that all of my training and hard work paid off.  I started Saturday morning waking up early and running a half marathon, the NJ Haunted Half. I really was concerned going into this race how well I would do because I had not kept my mileage up after the Beast due to a sore knee. I was still running, but only shorter distances. In the end not only do well but achieved a personal best time of 2:07, which was 8 minutes better than my best time so far! After the half, I had little time to spare as my kids were with a friend and I had a busy afternoon planned.

10743718_10204730343688878_2066852670_nThat same day I planned our annual Halloween Spooktacular for my Enterprise Rent-A-Car team at Heaven Hill Farm in Vernon, NJ but due to a poor turnout in participation I decided to forgo the annual raffle & treats that we provide, which ended up making the event much easier on me. However, the vouchers were only good for that day so despite my achy legs I took my 3 kids over to the farm to still pick out pumpkins and enjoy the farm. Traditionally I allow each child to pick out a pumpkin that they can carry that they will later paint & then they all agree on the big one we carve. Since my husband was working, I got to carry around this huge pumpkin that the kids picked out and of course as luck would have it my car was parked way at the end of the lot.

After pumpkin picking it was off to a birthday party for a few hours and then I had hoped I could go home and actually relax, but I was mistaken. The kids were so excited to have our pumpkins that they wanted to paint them and of course 3 kids plus paint meant I had to do a lot of running up and down stairs (or shall I say hobbling) since I live in a bi-level home and the paint was downstairs and so were the pumpkins. After they finished, we had to put them outside (which meant more stairs and when they were done I finally had a chance to sit down & relax! My back was hurting me and I am pretty sure it happened because my legs were tired and I don’t think I picked that heavy pumpkin up properly. Needless to say I needed to ice my back & sore knee and finally lay down.

On Sunday, I had to wake up early and it was off to CKO to instruct 3 classes, 2 of which I physically participate in. At first walking was a little rough, but after getting warmed up my muscles felt great! While instructing the 3rd class, where I basically walk around checking form and timing vs. physically participating, I began to feel the soreness setting in a bit, but after this class I was off to Mountain Lakes, NJ to participate in the Medical Needs Foundation Spirit 5K with my Enterprise team. After class was over, I quickly gathered my things and thanks to the awesome members helping me clean up and get out of there on time, I made it to the 5K literally 5 minutes before the race started. I parked somewhat close, but had to run to the registration table to obtain my bib and no sooner did I put 2 safety pins on it, we were lining up & off! I didn’t even have time to set my Garmin or put on my music so I was trying to do that as I was running. Less than 28 minutes later I was crossing the finish line and my legs felt like lead.

10728936_10205420974792452_854235205_nShortly after crossing the finish line, we waited for the rest of our team took an “after” picture, I grabbed a banana and a bottle of water and then I was heading home. Once I got home, I finally ate a real meal and within 30 minutes was back out in search of Halloween costumes for my boys and then I had to get my daughter and her from her Nutcracker rehearsal, take her friend home, go food shopping, then home, made dinner, and then guess what…the kids wanted to now carve the pumpkin! Since we have a busy schedule during the week and my husband was not feeling well, I got the honor of carving the pumpkin this year. As I cleaned up the dinner dishes, my kids gutted the pumpkin and then marked out the face. I carved it, cleaned up the mess and then by 10pm I finally got to sit down and relax!

When I woke up Monday morning, I felt really good. A little sore and thank goodness for hand rails on stairs, but overall I feel like all of my training has really paid off. I even went to the gym on my lunch hour for a workout and have class at CKO tonight. My knee feels great and other than the constant issue I have been having with the tenderness in my patella, I feel no pain. Training for events, not matter what, is absolutely necessary for doing these types of physical challenges. The body needs to become conditioned to handle doing things like this and I feel that with the Relay Race training I did, it really allowed me to not only get through the 13.1 miles for the half, but to also endure all of the other physical activities & then still be able to run a 5K in under 30 minutes and still be pain free!

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  1. bill papanestor October 27, 2014 at 3:47 pm Reply

    You are spectacular! After reading all of this I was stressed and feeling tired. Now I am not going to tonight’s cko. (Only kidding)

  2. Betsy Morse October 27, 2014 at 4:26 pm Reply

    super mom!!! Your such an inspiration and a great trainer!!

  3. Sherry VanderPloeg October 27, 2014 at 4:32 pm Reply

    Wow. You are an amazing woman. Working full time plus being a trainer and being a mom of 3 kids and a wife. You are a busy lady but you don’t let all that stop you from achieving Your goals. You are an inspiration not only to me but to many people. You continue to prove to us with hard work and determination we can reach our goals. So thank you

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