My last OCR of 2013

MelissaMudManX2013MudManX was my last obstacle course race (OCR) of the 2013 season & it was fun! I dressed up as Wonder Woman and the obstacles ranged from a long line of simple wooden fence pieces that you had to hop over to running though electrically charged wires hanging over thick mud. There were zombies all over the course that tried to take your “brains” that were represented by 3 flags (like flag football) that hung from the waist. If you completed the race with any of your flags, then you were eligible for prizes. If all your flags were captured, then you were officially “dead”, but could still run and complete the course. Unfortunately, early in the race, I had a zombie take 2 of my flags & just after the first mile, I lost my last one. I even had a zombie rip off my Wonder Woman cape trying to get to my last flag. The course literally began on the New Egypt Speedway race track where we were quickly sprayed with water. Once we completed some obstacles, we were led outside the track to face the deadly zombies that were scattered throughout the rest of the course. We ran on trails through woods and in open fields while encountering walls & barrels to hop over, huge dirt mounds to climb up & over, a graveyard to run through, balance beams, fireman’s poles to slide down after climbing an inverted wall, hanging rings to swing from, a mud pit crawl, ducked under a monster truck in mud, climbed over huge monster truck tires and conquered several other obstacles. As we approached mile 4 and crossed the finish line, I will say that this race ended in the most anticlimactic fashion I have ever experienced and left me a little disappointed. The finish line was in the middle of the race track with no crowd, no cheering & no one there to award the “finisher’s headband”. I was also a little put off at the fact that any spectator could purchase the participant “finisher” t-shirt and headband at the apparel booth. The showers to wash off were barely working and the festival area was very small. Some of the good things about this race were how some of the zombies really got into character and their makeup was done professionally and they looked awesome and scary!  I also really enjoyed how there were military personnel throughout the course encouraging you to work harder or run faster. This was a smaller event and did not have the larger crowds I’ve experience in past races. Overall, I had fun even with the few disappointments and I would recommend this race to anyone that wants to dress up, have fun, not worry about finish time and enjoy a fun “zombie run”.  The MudManX mud runs also offer other race themes.  Back in September was the Beach Bash ‘N Dash and coming up next month is the Dirty Pumpkin Mud Run & Fall Festival in Manalapan, NJ.  Check out their site for details and upcoming events.

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