Day of the Spooktacular

My day on Tuesday started with my alarm going off and I had all intentions on getting on that treadmill and running for 20 minutes, but unfortunately the pain in my body was so bad that I could barely move. As I lay there, my body struggles with my mind and tells me to “get up, we have a half marathon to train for” while my body says “great, but I am still hurting from the last beating I had to endure and this change in the weather is making my bones and joints ache so much”. See I have had a few injuries (including a car accident at 17 that totaled my car), osteoarthritis and autoimmune disorders that make my joints hurt so badly, especially this time of year that getting moving is quite the challenge. I never like to make excuses, but some days I have to give into my body and not overdo it, especially if I know I will be at the gym later anyway. I finally get up & get into a nice hot shower, stretch, and then start to get ready for work.

The time comes to wake up my 3 kids to get them ready for school. My daughter is 10 and she is not a morning person so this is never an easy task. My twin boys are 7 and they are pretty easy to get up & going so that makes things a little easier on me. I make them breakfast but often my daughter eats her in the car since she is running late and the boys eat theirs at the before school program. I get my daughter on the bus & then the boys to school & then begin my hour commute to my office where I am an Accounting Supervisor for Enterprise Rent-A-Car. My day starts off with emails, eating breakfast, review morning reports, a 2½ hour training webinar on a new accounting system roll out and an hour training session between me and one of my newest employees on filing taxes. By now, it’s already lunch time when I receive a call from my husband telling me he is working late. Now I have the added stress of finding a sitter tonight so I can work at my other job instructing at CKO Franklin.

Today, I need to buy lunch so I opt for, in my opinion, the best Greek salad that I bought from Opa and eat at my desk while I take a few moments to log points from the 6 week challenge we are running at CKO Franklin & CKO Augusta. Also, I need to finalize and print out my new boot camp circuit and make sure everything is ready for the annual Spooktacular workout at 7:30. Lunch has ended and it is back to work. I finally found someone to watch the kids so I breathe a sigh of relief.  My afternoon consists of several approvals, answering question, preparing bank reconciliations, and 2 employee one-on-ones. Time flies and now it is time to head home. Traffic is terrible and crawling. I have to pick up my boys at the aftercare program at their school, then do the same for my daughter, go home, my daughter & I have to quickly change (her into her dance clothes and me into my Wonder Woman costume that I will be working out in), she grabs a quick snack, and we are headed back out. I drop her off at the dance studio in town and head to my mother’s house where she will feed my boys & then my brother will take them to pick up my daughter at dance by 8 & bring them all back home and feed my daughter for me and wait until either me or my husband gets home from work.

When I arrive at the gym I begin to prep for my class, quickly drink an Orgain chocolate protein shake, remove the old and hang up the new boot camp signs, put out the raffle for the free $5 gift card from The Nutrition Store that I will be raffling off after class and get the bowl of healthy “treats” ready for members to take home after class. This year I decided to give out FruitChia & Healthy Warrior chia bars along with Ultima drink powder packets in a variety of flavors that I purchased from Healthy Tymes Market in Vernon, NJ. Members start to enter the gym as I have classic Halloween music playing, 20131029_200242including songs like Monster Mash, Ghostbusters, & Thriller. Seeing some members come in costumes they can work out in makes me smile and I am relieved I am not the only one that dressed up. From Batgirl to Wonder Woman, the members came and even if they didn’t wear a costume, they were kickboxers and there to have a great workout and some fun. As class started the classic Halloween music turned more into hardcore themed music with songs like “Disturbia” by Rihanna, 20131029_195552“Bodies” by Drowning Pool, and even “This is Halloween” by Marilyn Manson. Sweat is flying all over as members push hard, do at least 100 pushups that I counted (but they had to do a few on their own so they really did more than they realize), engage in attack rounds and tons of squats, one member even knocked a bad down, and we finish off with an intense ab set that had them doing exercises like “Superman” and “Electroshock Isometric Core” work.

wpid-20131029_203233.jpgAfter the workout, most of us gathered for a group photo and I raffled off the gift certificate. (Spooktacular Photos) The winner just happened to be dressed up as Wonder Woman too. (I didn’t pick the winner so I played no favorites). After class, we laughed & chatted & then it was time to set up my next class, boot camp, which was a brand new circuit. Some members stayed from class to participate and others joined us later. I kept the theme music on during boot camp as well. The boot camp circuit consisted of 12 stations that 20131029_203544were done twice around at 60 seconds per station with only 45 seconds of rest in between. Some exercises included were pull ups, TRX pushups into mountain climbers, weighted sit ups, deadlifts, and traveling lunges just to name a few. This circuit focuses on the individual’s strength endurance. After class it is time to clean up the gym and to finish up some loose ends before heading home.

I get home and I’m starving at this point so I eat a Chobani Coconut Flip Greek yogurt and then head in the shower. After showering, it is time to read through the kid’s folders, get lunches and clothes ready for the next day, change over the laundry, and try to wind down from my busy day. The time now is about midnight and I am exhausted. Time to sleep as tomorrow as comes fast and will be another busy day in my life.


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