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It has been over 6 week since my last blog post and since that time my life has changed quite a bit. After working full time for a company where at one point I used to love my job but it was no longer what it once was, after 16.5 years it was time to move on to my next chapter of my life. On January 22 I worked my last day as a full time Accounting Supervisor and the very next day, brought home my newest addition to our family, our dog Lexi. me & lexiMy children had wanted a dog for many years, but with my busy schedule I didn’t have the time to take care of a dog properly. Lexi is a 16 month old red-nosed pitbull that we rescued from the Bergen County Protect & Rescue Foundation. She really has brought a new, amazing feeling into the house. While she is not up for long runs just yet, she has made it so far 3 miles with me around my neighborhood and that was in the cold weather we have been having. I can’t wait to take her on more runs in the future.

Over the next few weeks after we brought her home, my schedule was really difficult to get a full handle on. Between taking care of a dog, trips to the vet (she needed to be spayed) and closings, delayed openings and early dismissals for school because of snow my head was spinning with trying to prioritize my day and get myself organized. I am a very routine oriented person and normally extremely organized, but being home was difficult for me to separate when I needed to work (I still work at the gym, run a nutritional program and sell Mary Kay) and what was time to dedicate to the house. Being home, I kept starting projects and then would start to do something, and get distracted by either my kids, the dog, social media, the phone, looking at something and saying to myself “I have been wanting to get to do this project”, cleaning, etc. It took me a solid 4 weeks to really get a routine going.

During this time I also became re-certified in indoor cycling and began to cover classes, which meant I had to now also create ride profiles, which take time.  I also started piloting a TRX program at the gym to bring in a new form of training for members so that meant planning out the class in both format and flow. Originally I was only going to do one class, but it was so successful and I had a gotten a fairly long waiting list that I decided to add a second class and so far I have received great feedback so I am hopeful it will stick. I am also working on knocking out my required CEC’s for my personal training certification renewal now and took on a few additional classes, one boot camp and one kickboxing in the Augusta location and I have been subbing at CKO Franklin as often as I can. I also started working at another gym, Women’s Waybeast mode, teaching spin. I have been a member there for years so it is great to now be on the other side of the classroom there too.

In the midst of all of this, I have been recovering from a shoulder injury that happened last year but I didn’t take care of it properly and pushed through the pain when probably I shouldn’t have. It became quite painful and ultimately I needed to allow it to heal properly, which meant cutting back on some of my own personal training and even ended up getting a cortisone shot to help make it feel bearable. I would instruct kickboxing with one arm and modified when I needed to, which is not easy for me to do but I knew I had to. I had members actually watching me and yelling at me if I didn’t take it easy just as I would make them do if they were injured. monkey bars

My first race of the 2015 season, the NJ Spartan Beast, is officially one month away as of today and building up the area that was injured has not been easy and even discouraging at times. I went from doing pull ups relatively easy, to struggling and now have to do most of them assisted so I don’t put too much stress on my shoulder. While I still have some pain, it is nowhere near what it was a few weeks ago. In the past two weeks, I have had some amazing training sessions though and feel positive about the upcoming season. I even began recording some of my workout sessions to monitor my form and make sure that I was not over compensating for my shoulder in an effort to avoid other injuries. Yesterday, I was the most pleased with my workout and while I broke a nail and ripped my hands open, I was able to do what I had not been able to do in months and that felt amazing!

These past few weeks have definitely been a challenge to adjust to all of these life changes, but I feel wonderful, have less stress, can focus on my family more, and finally am doing what I love again. I always say “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” and I am embracing this change and looking forward to an awesome year! th


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  1. Kristel March 18, 2015 at 6:28 pm Reply

    Congratulations on your new “life” may it bring you all the happiness you deserve!! Be careful with that shoulder and best of luck in all your OCR’s!!!

    • Melissa March 20, 2015 at 3:26 pm Reply

      Thank you so much Kristel! I appreciate all of your support! 🙂

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